Network Magic Pro v5-solution for network problems

Network Magic will help you manage the network,Now you can send the document to print from any computer, share files on the local network, to solve problems using the wizard of the network, even wireless connections to restore and protect them from incursions from outside.In addition,Network Magic provides 

a current map of connections, to control security compounds with one administratorskoy panel, you can also get remote access to files on your computer simply through any browser.You optimize the network and can control traffic on each individual computer.


  • Protection against intrusions into your home wireless network.Hiding your wireless network from others.
  • monitoring and warning system on developments in the computer network. Provides access to the local network can monitor the validity of antivirus databases on network computers, firewall status on them (on / off.) Need to update Windows.
  • Easy addition of a trusted person in your network. A couple of mouse clicks, you can include in the range of trusted individuals desired user or network PC.
  • Manage wireless network. It allows flexibility to adjust to what exactly wireless networks to connect, and what to do if resources are available for sharing.


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