Foxit Reader Build 3.0

Foxit Reader - a compact and fast-running program to view the document format PDF, does not require a large and so slow launching Adobe Reader. Allows you to allocate and copy the text to the clipboard, as well as to search for text.
Professional program for reading PDF files. If you have a need for the document format PDF, but you do not have a computer at the Adobe Reader, and no time and opportunities to download it – that this program is just for you. A feature of Foxit PDF Reader is a small size distribution and rapid speed, which will undoubtedly affect

Foxit Reader 3.0

Foxit Reader 3.0

the convenience of the overall program. The utility does not require long-term installation. Product is not the order of software and hardware computer and is able to work with virtually all versions of operating systems corporation Microsoft.
The program has all the necessary functions for full view PDF files. There are such features as: select and copy the contents of text files with PDF, search for text will be available very convenient library to find and manage PDF files, fast speed printing, support for Javascript, support plug-ins and more. It works in all operating systems Windows. Russian language is present.



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