Play 3D Java Games on Computer With KEmulator Lite 0.9.8


KEmulator Lite is a mobile java games emulator, this application allow you to play your 3D java game collections on your PC with size 240?320 (and less), so.. with this application you can try the games on PC firts before you install on your mobile phone.

The Features of KEmulator Lite :
- Possibility to play games for the screens of touches a mouse.
- Record of video
- It is possible to do skrinshoty
- It is possible to change the mode (for every telephone there is the mode)

Download KEmulator Lite 0.9.8 (2.6MB, need to install JRE/JDK)

Download JRE/SDK

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11 Responses to “Play 3D Java Games on Computer With KEmulator Lite 0.9.8
  1. It just stays on the screen that asks if I want sound?

    It says this in the log, too:

    >>Exception in thread “Thread-14″ >>java.lang.IllegalStateException: sequencer not open
    >> at Source)
    >> at Source)
    >> at Source)

  2. jave games are so cool eventhough they do not have fancy graphics.**-

  3. Can’t download…please help me..

  4. java games are cool because they need very little resources and the graphics are good too.*-;

  5. java games are great because their file size is small and the graphics is great too;.,

  6. i have installed KEmulator lite….it works only one time after each inatallation……why????
    plzzz help me

  7. me having xp2 environmnt….

  8. sometimes i play so much java games that i loss track of time ~,”

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