Free Download IRChon (Internet Relay Chat) for iPhone and iPod Touch

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet chat or synchronous conferencing, almost all types of Operating system have Software IRC Clients however if your on move and want to connect to any IRC channel with your iPhone or iPhone then you need IRC client for your iPhone or iPod Touch, so you need IRChon, IRChon is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client which can be used by the iPhone free of charge. This application is capable of recognizing URLs written within text and displaying site previews via the internal browser.
Users can also connect to a multiple number of chat servers all at one time. Your iPhone or iPod Touch life is about to get even more exciting!

Download Free IRC Client IRChon for iPhone & iPod Touch.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone 2.2 Software Update


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