Where to Buy USB Panic Button

USB Panic button is emergency button, small but absolutely useful gadget for you if you work at a computer. Why ? me, you and everyone the world over, we’re all guilty of doing stuff that isn’t strictly speaking ‘work’ when we’re at work like play online games, watch videos , surf p**n or IM chat instead of working at office.
So what to do? Well get yourself one of these USB Panic Buttons, plug it into a USB port and stick the button on the floor by your feet, the moment a suit comes anywhere close, USB Panic Button quickly “un-rolls” the computer to what you’ve been doing earlier in no time, by pressing usb panic button you will bring to front a window with boring office document and hide all incriminating windows.
Where to buy USB Panic Button ? you can buy it at amazon, for  $14.99.
USB Panic Button Features:

  • Emergency USB Panic Button.
  • Push the button and one of four technical documents will be shown.
  • Allows you to customise to your own screen
  • Suitable for ages 12+ years that… :)
  • Size: 9 x 5 x 4.5cm.

if you think you need  just buy it ! enjoy your “work” with USB Panic Button and don’t Panic again !


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