Navigon 7200T Portable GPS Navigation Review and Best Price

Looking for GPS for cars ? the Navigon 7200T Portable GPS is the right choice. Why? because Navigon 7200T Portable GPS has many great features, how about price? you can get Navigon 7200T Portable GPS with a very cheap price, Amazon make an offer for this product just under $200. Before you make decision you may read this short review for Navigon 7200T Portable GPS bellow.


The Navigon 7200T Portable GPS has a 4.3 inch flatscreen display that provides photo-realistic images of virtually every highway intersection and exit, complete with sign text and lane guidance, with Pre-loaded with U.S. and Canada maps (Coverage across 80 cities), Navigon 7200T Portable GPS also has free real-time traffic updates and allows you to reroute with the touch of a button, voice destination entry and Navigon 7200T also built-in Bluetooth, you can make a pair speakerphone with your mobile phone.
Another great feature of Navigon 7200T is features text-to-speech Voice Guidance functionality for turn-by-turn directions with street names and many many more useful features.

and here video review Navigon 7200T Portable GPS

You may need user manual or tutorial to operate the Navigon 7200T Portable GPS? this video tutorial may help you.

all right! with greats features and best price, you might actually to buy the Navigon 7200T Portable GPS for your car! here for the best price read also Garmin StreetPilot 7200 Portable GPS Navigator Review to compare.

2 Responses to “Navigon 7200T Portable GPS Navigation Review and Best Price
  1. Do not purchase this unit, I purchased this unit 6 months ago, for 350 dollars. It broke, it flaked out, navigon has no customer support in the usa. you will be throwing your money away, you will get the unit it will work for a time. When the unit fails and it will fail!, you might as well through the unit away!!! The company is located in the UK and they do not CARE about the usa customers. If you don’t believe go to their website and try to call the usa support. The numbers have been disconnected. Please, whatever you do, don’t buy this unit. You will be throwing your money away! If you don’t need the 319 dollars plus shipping send it to me!

  2. Navigon 7200T 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigation with Bluetooth, Text-to-Speech, and Free Traffic Alerts


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