Excalibur FX-VR206 Fox Sports 7 in 1 Plug and Play Sports Games Review

Fox Sports 7 in 1 Plug and Play Sports Games
Excalibur FX-VR206 brings you the thrills of Fox Sports with Plug-and-Play technology and eliminates the expense and hassle of full gaming systems, It’s combination of technology, classic sports, and family games.Excalibur FX-VR206 includes 7 Fox Sports exciting games – tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, darts, target shooting.

You can easily play, just attach device to your TV with the included cables and the system will automatically up and ready to play your favorite family games as quickly as you are, no additional software or hardware needed, control the game with the included wireless controller. Excalibur FX-VR206 requires 6 AA batteries(4 for console and 2 for controller), if you are interested, you can pick-up one just for $17.99, lowest price I found, follow the link to grab.



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