Discovery Expedition Wonderwall Entertainment Projector | Review & Best Price

Discovery Expedition Wonderwall Entertainment Projector

The Wonderwall Entertainment Projector by Discovery is perfect for getting the most out of your video games, movies and other media onto any white wall or ceiling to create your very own movie theater experience.

Discovery Expedition Wonderwall Projector able to project up to a 90in diagonal images, more larger than Sharper Image EC-PJ10 and Senario AL-100 Torpedo. Wonderwall also comes equiped with built-in stereo sound, A/V inputs, headphone jack, and pivoting bracket/ carry handle for easy picture adjustment. Price, targert currently offers Discovery Expedition Wonderwall Entertainment Projector for $149.99 FREE shipping

3 Responses to “Discovery Expedition Wonderwall Entertainment Projector | Review & Best Price
  1. This thing is horrendous. Awful picture quality, terribly loud fan, hardly any lumens at all, and a lamp you can buy at the supermarket for a few bucks. Saving money is not the best option with something like this. For $50 more on average you can get a used 2006 or even newer model of an actual projector from a reputable company on eBay. Don’t even bother, it’s amazing how terrible the picture on this thing is, even in a completely pitch black room.

  2. This is a piece of #@$% The company should be taken to court for false advertising…. Hey you do get what you paid for …. The picture was so bad. It hurt your eyes trying to focus on a wash out screen… Ya I tried different movies and yes the room was pitch dark… The advertising is a lie… Ok I’am done.. Got to gaurage sell this item and try to recoupe some of my money

  3. LOL you guys said it!

    Check out the youtube video comparing this projector to a pico that is 1/10 its size (the pico is way better)–bJJMgOvF8


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