Samsung DualView TL210 and TL205 Digital Camera

Samsung DualView

Samsung DualView TL210 and TL205 is an updates from Samsung TL225 and TL220 DualView. The new 12 mega-pixel (TL210-12.4, TL205 12.2) TL210 and TL205 offer a variety of updated features. Consumers can now use the 1.5-inch front LCD to frame video in addition to digital stills.

The TL210 features a larger 3.0-inch rear LCD while the TL205 features a 2.7-inch LCD, and TL210 is able to record 720p HD video at 30fps. Other features include 5x optical zoom, 27mm-wide angle lens for TL210, and Advanced Dual Image Stabilization, 35mm lens with 3x optical zoom for TL205.


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