NET10 Prepaid Samsung R355C Cell Phone w/ QWERTY Keypad & 300 Minutes Review

Samsung R355C NET10 prepaid cell phone gives you all the convenience of mobile talk, text, and web without tying you down to constraining contracts and plans. Plus, you can use your 300 minutes anytime within one year. You also have the option of adding additional minutes through NET10 for an additional charge when your 300 are finished. Single Rate for every call -10¢ a minute always: local, nationwide long distance and roaming. International calling to over 60 destinations for an additional 5 cents per minute. Text Messaging – only 2½¢ per message.

Samsung and NET10 R355C boasts a full QWERTY keyboard for fast, easy texting and web searching, 2.2″ diagonal LCD color display, and downloadable ringtones and graphics for extra fun and enjoyment. The 1.3 megapixel camera lets you take pictures and send the images via text and picture messaging, and the built-in MP3 player carries all your favorite tunes on the go. Other specs include Bluetooth compatible, Speaker phone, Voice recorder, Battery Talk Time up to 5.5 hours and Standby Time up to 16.67 days. Price, NET10 Prepaid Samsung Cell Phone w/QWERTYKeypad& 300 Minutes (Samsung R355C) is currently selling for $100

One Response to “NET10 Prepaid Samsung R355C Cell Phone w/ QWERTY Keypad & 300 Minutes Review
  1. I much prefer being on the Net10 pay as you go to that of a contract. This phone is great and came with 300minutes! Not having a contract really helps me to budget – I don’t use the phone a lot and reckoned that 10cents a minute was a hard one to beat!


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