Fujifilm S2500 12MP 18X Zoom SLR-Style Camera with Software Reviews

Fuji S2500 12-MP SLR-Style Digital Camera offers a super 18X Fujinon optical zoom 28mm wide-angle lens, and will also record still images at up to 12MP resolution and capture video at 16:9 720p high definition video. FujiFilm S2500 upgrades to the previous Fujifilm FinePix S2100HD camera mainly in 3 aspects: the resolution is now 12MP (vs 10MP of the S2100HD), the lens is now wide-angle and has 18x zoom power (vs 15x), the LCD screen is also larger (3? vs 2.7?).

SLR-Style Fujifilm FinePix S2500HD offers a host of easy-to-use features including Scene Recognition mode, Instant Zoom to follow moving subjects and keeping them in focus, double image stabilisation to fight blurry pictures caused by shaking hands or moving subject, 16 scenes for quality photos under a variety of environment and situations. Other specs include HDMI mini port, 23MB internal memory with SD/SDHC memory card slot, and 6-title ArcSoft software CD-ROM included. Price, Fujifilm S2500 12MP 18X Zoom SLR-Style Camera with Software is currently selling for $198

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