Adagio GDP-1500 Mini Digital Grand Piano Review

Adagio GDP-1500 Digital Grand Piano is housed in a mini grand sized cabinet, measuring just under 3 ft. from front to back. This GDP-1500 digital piano model is rich in features and includes compatibility with USB thumb drives, a 5-track recording system, 128 different sounds, and 94 rhythms of different styles to accompany your playing method. Price, Adagio GDP-1500 Mini Grand Piano (Bench Included) is currently selling for $1,650

Other Adagio GDP-1500 specs include

  • 5 tracks, 10,000 note recording system
  • Player Piano feature: Recorded songs held in USB storage device can be played back in sequence automatically
  • Effects: Reverb and chorusFunctions: Harmony modulation, dual voice mode, keyboard split mode, tremelo
  • Single or multi-fingered chords
  • 5 touch-control settings to adjust from soft to hard
  • Metronome with selectable beat and tempo range from 40 – 240
  • 20 pre-loaded practice songs with individual demos
  • 3 pedals: Soft, sostenuto, and sustain
  • USB port: MIDI expansion, storage, computer connectivity
  • Microphone input (microphone not included)
  • 4-in. backlit LCD display
  • 2 headphone jacks
  • 2 x 30 W speakers

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