Hitachi PROD4000Q Duo Pro 4TB External Hard Drive Review | RAID 0/1, USB2.0, Firewire 400/800, eSATA

Hitachi PROD4000Q Duo Pro External Hard Drive with 4TB storage capacity is an easy-to-use computer backup solution with the capacity to protect the enormous amounts of files. With four built-in ways to connect including USB 2.0, FireWire 400, FireWire 800, and 3Gb/sec eSATA, and award-winning Fabrik backup software, including 2GB free online backup, Hitachi PROD4000Q Duo Pro external HDD is a great solution to protect your important data from hardware failure, natural disasters, accidental deletion, viruses, and malicious attackers. The Hitachi PROD4000Q Duo Pro has dual HDDs (2 – 2TB Hard Drives -7200 RPM) inside and supports RAID 0/1, choose RAID 0 for super-fast performance or RAID 1 for added data protection. It has 1.5″ Quiet fan for reliable, and works with Mac and PC computers. Price, woot is currently offers Hitachi PROD4000Q Duo Pro 4TB RAID 0/1 External Hard Drive for $269.99 with $5 shipping

2 Responses to “Hitachi PROD4000Q Duo Pro 4TB External Hard Drive Review | RAID 0/1, USB2.0, Firewire 400/800, eSATA
  1. I bought this Hitachi Duo Pro 4 TB HD from Fry’s. It lasted 3 days before grinding. I called Hitachi, who gave me an RMA, telling me they would ship another to me in 48-72 hours. 3 weeks later, I get the replacement. It lasted 3 MINUTES!!! No Joke!. I received another RMA and 10 days later, I’m still waiting for the 3rd drive.

  2. A friend bought the Hitachi/Simple Tech Duo 2 TB External Raid from Fry’s earlier this year, but only weeks to a couple months later, it died! So he returned it via RMA to Hitachi, and a refurbished unit showed up about 2 weeks later. He plugged it in, turned it on and the thing was squealing! Sounded like bad bearings on the fan unit. So he called Hitachi, got an RMA, and once again returned it. 2 weeks later, he had another refurb, but this time they gave him a 4 TB unit instead of the 2 TB he originally had. Unfortunately, it was dead out of the box! He’s tied it on 3 diff machines, with 3 diff OS, including Win7. He’s given up on Hitachi and the drive and given me the dead unit with 2.5 yrs warranty left. I’ve RMA returned it in the late part of Nov, and if finally on the way back! It’s been gone almost a month, and including me, this is the 3rd time sending it back, costing us over $50 in shipping and lot of time and headache. Lets hope the 4th one is the charm, but not willing to use it as the intended purpose, BACKUP! Way to risky and unreliable.

    To D’Magi, hope you and I are not just getting trading dead HDDS back and forth!


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