Bresser 88-55000 Junior Micro Set 40x-1024x PC Microscope | Review

Bresser Junior 40x-1024x PC Microscope 88-55000 has many features to offer. The PC camera that is included with the microscope can capture images and send them to a PC where they can either be stored or printed. The advanced dual lighting system consists of two independently controlled LED light scources one beneath the observed object that gives transmitted light from below the specimen the other providing reflected light from above.

Bresser 88-55000 microscope is fitted with a lens turret which holds the three lenses that are provided; giving 4x, 10x & 40x magnification, it also provided are two wide field eyepieces of 10x & 16x magnification, combine these with the zooming Barlow lens and the instrument delivers an incredible magnification range of 40x to 1024x. Price, Bresser 88-55000 Junior Micro Set 40x-1024x PC Microscope is currently selling for $65


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