I-Tec 6-in-1 Portable Power Station w/Jumpstarter and 400w Inverter Review

I-Tec Portable Power Station provides more than enough power to restart your car and run lights and power tools in emergency situations. It pumps out 200 cranking amps to jump-start a car, truck, or boat and provides up to 400 watts of 110-volt house current to run TVs, laptops, stereos and more. It can even recharge your car battery through the cigarette lighter.

I-Tec Electronics 6-In-1 Portable Power Inverter also has two lighter sockets to power your 12-volt accessories away from the car. There’s also USB Power Source to operate & recharge cell phones, MP3 players and more. While the Air compressor with 260 PSI gauge for high pressure inflation of tires and more. Price, I-Tec Portable Power Station w/Jumpstarter and 400w Inverter is currently selling for $100

16 Responses to “I-Tec 6-in-1 Portable Power Station w/Jumpstarter and 400w Inverter Review
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  2. I might need a new battery for my unit 2031. Can you let me know if the rechargeable battery can be replaced and how much will it cost. Please email me or call
    Ph.# 323-755-8768 Keith

  3. I have the unit 2031 6 in 1 power unit. I want to know can you replace the battery ? Please email the price to me or call Hm. Ph.# 323-755-8768
    Thank you Keith

  4. Ihave the unitT2031 6 in 1 power unit. I want to know if the rechargeable battery can be replaced? Also I’ve lost my manual or operation booklet and wondering if you could provide me with another one ? Please let me know as soon as possible either e-mail or phone # 580-327-7019 Thanks Charles

  5. Have model number T2031 and battery isnt holding a charge, need to locate replacement battery please help

  6. I have a T2031 and need to replace the red booster cable. Where can I purchase it or a new set if that’s possible.

  7. I have a t2031 6 in 1 potable power source and can the rechargeable battery be replaced as the one i have wont take a charge. I have three of them Phone # {530} 259 -2241

  8. I sent a request for relaceble batteries for my 1231 6 in 1 p0rtable power source i have not recieved a reply yet. I use these all the time and i new new batteries. I would apprecieat a n answerl please

  9. How do you get replacement batteries and how do you charge the I TEC 6 to 1 inverter?

  10. My mother in-law has a t2031 she’s had for litit quit working checked the fuse Its good. When You plug it up it does Mo nothing SO where do i get help to find out what it could be. THANKS

  11. need battery for #t2031 power source. where can I get one. thank you , ron

  12. Do you have a battery+ store in your area? If they can’t help you they may have a place to send you.interstate batteries have a store now as well.

  13. I need the charger unit that plugs into the 110 power source so as to charge the T2031. Where can I obtain it or from whom should I order it? Thanks!aeejr

  14. Need replacement ACX adapter for iTec t2031.
    Leave message at 502.622.2496 or e-mail.

  15. T2031 Battery caput. Can it B recharged or must I buy a new one? Whatever, what must I do?

  16. Can I get a charging cord forT2031 6 in 1 portable power source?


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