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Hype Tape to PC USB Cassette-to-MP3 Converter is a portable cassette player and converter. With the Hype Tape to PC Recorder USB Walkman Cassette Player, you can convert all those cassettes into digital MP3 files. Want to experience the music as it actually sounded in the 80s? This nifty gadget can also play cassettes to give you that déjà-vu experience. Offering plug and play compatibility, it’ll be easier than ever to record those tapes onto your PC. Price, Hype Tape to PC USB Cassette-to-MP3 Converter is currently selling for $25

16 Responses to “Hype Tape to PC USB Cassette-to-MP3 Converter | Review
  1. It cannot be powered by the USB cable; I would love to see where you came up with that. It requires two AA batteries. It does have an AC jack, but it doesn’t come with an AC adapter. The unit shows that it takes a positive tip and requires 3 volts of power but it doesn’t say what the required amperage is.
    Using brand new batteries; that tested good with two voltage meters, the playback was at variable speeds and sounded like I was toggling with a speed setting for faster and slower. It could have been a bad tape or a bad initial recording since this is a copied tape and I didn’t record it nor do I have any others to test with right now.

    It does come with audacity, along with the lame.dll file for mp3 encoding. So what; that is free on the internet with a public license. The USB cable is only for transferring the “data” which is MONO.

    At least the sound is very clear.

  2. Received mine today from 1sale and after a bit of setup confusion and tweaks, it works perfect and export to MP3. I had to direct the user software to the lame path on the drive but only have to do that once. Odd the last reviewer said it wont power via USB. Ours has no battery in the housing and is powering just fine through the USB cable. I have converted 2 full tapes so far with a bunch to go and am impressed with the audio quality and ease of operation. For openers, I took a tone test tape and converted it to check speed and amplitude and it is very acceptable. For $25 shipped, this is a good buy.

  3. Does this work with a Macintosh?

  4. [ Want to experience the music as it actually sounded in the 80s? ]
    In the 80′s, we could hear songs in stereo. Also, I was not able to get it to work-not even with fresh batteries. Another stupid impulse purchase on woot. Now trying to figure out how to return it. Buyer beware.

  5. I have a MAC and the 3″ disc won’t work….any suggestions?

  6. Mine keeps eating the tapes just like the good old fashioned players used to. I’ve tried numerous ones and it just keeps pulling the tape out and wrapping it around the inside of the player. Annoying

  7. I purchased the Hype tape to mp3 converter on 1saleaday and I can’t get it to work at all. It looks like it’s playing the tape, but nothing is getting through to the computer. Just a straight line shows up on Audacity when I hit record. And when I playback the “recording” nothing is there. Any ideas/suggestions/help?

  8. Same here Mel, I can hear thru the headphones OK but nothing in Audactiy, tried it on two PCs. Batteries make no difference

  9. You must go into edit/preferences and select your speakers to get the sound. I had to download the Lame software for it and Mac software is also available. Sometimes I can get it to play good and sometimes, it won’t. I don’t understand. You *MUST* save it into your documents first… then you can transfer. I still do not have it working reliably. It must be something I am doing wrong but it does work.
    You can also select stereo… when you do, you see the two sets of sound bars recording.


  11. Mine worked great for dozens of tapes. Now, suddenly, it won’t record. All I get is a buzzing noise. The tape is turning in the machine and I can hear it fine through headphones. If I open a file that I had previously converted to mp3, Audacity plays it fine. I haven’t changed any settings, and this happens with tapes that had previously uploaded okay. Any ideas before I contact Hype?

  12. The Hype that I bought 3 months ago came with Audacity 1.2.6. I tried downloading the latest version, 2.0.0, but the problem persists.

  13. I got everything to work, I think. No batteries were needed. I just can’t figure out how to get 1 tape into 1 file so I can listen to it later.

  14. Ditto here. Just attached the usb cable and got the latest Audacity with lame mp3 encoder, selected UBS Audio Device and nothing. This is very poor manufacturing, must say.

  15. Got the cassette tapes to play and record through Audacity with no problem. My only problem is, they are all playing double speed! Is anyone else having this trouble? Am I missing something? Please help!

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