Livio LV001B Radio with Pandora & 20,000 Free Internet Stations | Review

Livio LV001B Radio offers users access to thousands of free programming options available online, including music, sports and news. Simply choose your Wi-Fi Internet connection to get started and hook up the Livio LV001B Internet Radio to your speaker system for an immersive sound experience. It offers unlimited access to Pandora Radio and its personalized music selections via your wireless network, and Livio LV001B Radio lets you enjoy 20,000 AM, FM, and Internet-only stations that contain your favorite music genres, artists and songs. When you find a station you want to save as a favorite, press and hold the Favorite button, so you can return to it again and again anytime. There are no monthly fees, no required subscriptions, and no computer needed. There’s also five alarm clocks. Price, Livio Radio with Pandora & 20,000 Free InternetStations model LV001B is currently selling for $135


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