Grape Solar CS-P-230-DJ 2300 Watt Grid-tied Solar Kit | Review

Grape Solar CS-P-230-DJ 2300Watt Grid-Tied solar Kit can generate between 210kWh and 420kWh of electricity per month. This works out to roughly 1/3rd of the electrical power consumption of an average 1200SF home. The kit consists of Grape Solar CS-P-230-DJ Poly-Si modules, a PVP2000 inverter and a roof-top racking system for mounting the modules. Unlike other generators, there are no mechanical moving components in the Grape Solar 2300Watt Grid-Tied Kit; therefore, maintenance is virtually non-existent. Price, Grape Solar CS-P-230-DJ 2300Watt Grid-Tied PV Kit is currently selling for $9,000


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