Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation 1137-JPU-POWERSTATION for USB-Based Mobile Devices

Mophie 1137-JPU-POWERSTATION is a 3600 mAh external battery designed for USB based devices, iPods, iPhones and more. The Juice Pack’s 3600 mAh high-density, high-output battery 4 times faster than traditional USB battery chargers with 6 LED indicators to tell you its status. It can charge devices while charging.

Offering short circuit, overcharge and temperature protection for a safe reliable charge, the powerstation features an integrated standby switch to eliminate drainage while not in use. Sporting a compact design, the device is just 0.65 inches thin and won’t take up space in your bag. Price, Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation 1137-JPU-POWERSTATION is currently selling for $30



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