Duraflame Portable Electric Stove Heater DFS-550 with Remote Control | Review

Enjoy the hassle-free ambience of a cozy fire with Duraflame Portable Electric Stove Heater. With 1350W/4600BTU thermostatic internal heater, it is ideal for dens, bedrooms, family rooms, and other living spaces, the unit’s sturdy steel cabinet and black exterior give it a sense of rugged charm, while its glass-paneled, wrought-iron-look door and decorative handle infuse it with classic appeal.

Furthermore, Duraflame electric stove heater supplies warmth and atmosphere with the convenience of a concealed control panel. Plus, its flame-intensity control can also provide a glowing fire without the heat for visual enjoyment year-round. Compact and versatile, the unit requires no exterior ventilation or chimney, and it plugs easily into any standard household outlet for economical and warmth and elegance. For added convenience, use the remote control to keep the room cozy from a distance. Price, Duraflame Portable Electric Stove Heater models DFS-550-7, DFS-550-8 & DFS-550-9 currently selling for $90

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