Keurig Platinum Plus B79 Series Brewer w/ 62 K-Cups& My K-Cup | Review

Keurig Platinum Plus B79 Series Brewer takes single-serve beverage brewing to the next level of ease and convenience. Updated with a separate hot water function and a rinse cycle, it delivers the ultimate in fast, fresh brewing.

Keurig Platinum Plus B79′s new hot water dispenser gives you hot water on demand, perfect for brewing tea, making instant oatmeal, and more. Additionally, this innovative unit keeps your cup as tasty as possible with a rinse cycle, hot water is dispensed between brew cycles for a super-quick clean-up to help prevent flavor contamination. This Keurig’s brewer lets you choose from five serving sizes from 4 oz (for an intense brew) to 12 oz (to fill your travel mug). Plus, it’s easy to clean: there are no coffee grinds to sweep up, no soggy filters to throw away.

This bundle includes My K-Cup filter, water filter starter kit with two filters and 62 K-Cups that include 18 Green Mountain Nantucket K-Cups, 16 Cafe Escape Milk Chocolate K-Cups, 16 Green Mountain Apple Cider K-Cups, and a 12-count variety pack. Other features include Quiet brew technology, Heats from 187-192 degrees F, 60-oz water reservoir, and Five brew sizes (4-oz, 6-oz, 8-oz, 10-oz, and 12-oz). Price, Keurig Platinum Plus B79 Series Brewer w/ 62 K-Cups& My K-Cup currently selling for $150

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