Pilates Power Gym Elite System 19750-3dr Review

Pilates Power Gym 19750-3dr Elite System designed to eliminate the Pilates learning curve, it takes you from beginner to pro in just minutes. Whether you are looking to sculpt and tone your muscles, improve athletic performance or rehabilitate an injury, Pilates Power Gym 19750-3dr is ideal to help meet your goals. The unit adjusts to accommodate a variety of heights and features 11 variable height elevations and four variable resistance cords that create workouts for every fitness level.

This Power Gym Elite System comes with 3 DVDs, including Pilates Power Workout & Strength Training Workout DVD, Marlo Fisken’s 2-in-1 Workout DVD, and Pilates Power Gym 2-in 1 Workout DVD with Kristen McGee. Other features include Rebounder” mesh foot attachment, Padded Glide Board with 11 height positions, and 4 Tension Cords with 16 possible variations. Price, Pilates Power Gym Elite System model 19750-3dr currently selling for $240


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