HP Pavilion P2 P2-1033W vs P2-1013W Desktop PC Review w/ AMD Fusion E-Series Dual-Core

HP Pavilion P2, P2-1033W and P2-1013W is mid-range desktops that gives you performance from the AMD Fusion E-Series Dual-Core processor, they may not offer high-end multimedia or gaming, but it’s a great system for replace your old-PC, they also include capable components that can handle all your everyday computing tasks.

The main difference between P2-1033W and P2-1013W is found in the processor, HP P2-1033W powered by AMD Fusion E-300 (1.3GHz) that include an integrated ATI Radeon HD 6310 graphic engine, while P2-1013W by AMD Fusion E-450 (1.65GHz) with integrated ATI Radeon HD 6320 engine. The 1.65 GHz E-450 though, is a little faster than the 1.3 GHz E-350. Running on Windows 7 Home Premium OS, both optimized with 3GB DDR3 memory (expandable to 16GB) along with 500GB SATA hard drive. Other specs include superMulti DVD±RW, 6-in-1 Multimedia Card Reader, 6 USB ports, and all of these Pc includes HP USB Keyboard and Mouse. Price, HP Pavilion P2 P2-1033W vs P2-1013W Desktop PC (Refurbished) currently selling for $280 each

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